XL Dynamics Inc.

XL Dynamics Inc. is a privately held corporation and is headquartered in Cerritos, CA.

XL Dynamics Inc. was founded in 1992 and incorporated in 1998. XL Dynamics' team, which consists of professionals with Mortgage Banking experience and strong technical knowledge, laid the foundation for a revolutionary organization - one that has been designed by Mortgage Bankers for Mortgage Bankers.

XL Dynamics Inc., India started operations in 2002 with its wholly owned office located in Mumbai.

XL Dynamics Inc. India provides an end-to-end solution to the Mortgage Industry to all our clients, from loan processing through secondary market portfolio management. Our web-based loan origination and servicing systems is one of the most advanced technology platforms in the industry. Our technology platform has been fully developed in house and is fully customizable, secure, scalable and reliable.

XL Dynamics Inc., India conforms to international standards to foster an efficient and contemporary work environment. XL Dynamics Inc., India is a customized blend of onshore and offshore capabilities. These are tailored and coordinated to meet clients' specific business goals while ensuring that the right resources and skills are available at desired locations.

XL Dynamics Inc.' implementation and delivery model leverages capacity, capabilities, and competencies across geographies to achieve optimal customer satisfaction.

XL Dynamics Inc. - The Platform for Today - The Pathway to Tomorrow


XL Dynamics INc..?


XL Dynamics Inc. fulfills your Mortgage Processing needs by helping you assemble, analyze risks and fund loans in compliance with all major GSE (Government Sponsored Enterprise) and Investor guidelines. XL Dynamics Inc. through its efficient and quality centric expertise helps you stay ahead in the most competitive markets, enhancing your market and goodwill.


In today's fast-moving and evolving global workplace, it is crucial for businesses to continuously streamline their processes and use cost-effective technology solutions. Mortgagesoft OnLine® and SunSOFT® have been designed by Mortgage Banking professionals who understand your business. As a result, you get products that address specific needs of your business. XL Dynamics Inc. leads the way in developing revolutionary Mortgage technology solutions that help you stay ahead of the curve.